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Sapona Golf Membership has it's Benefits

We hope everyone will find the perfect fit to join us. Click on the arrow to expand each tier for more information. Some of the benefits of becoming a member are club charging privileges, “members only” locker room with showers, TV and card table, pro-shop discounts and more. Full members can enjoy the golf course,  pool, tennis facilities and all club hosted events as part of their monthly membership dues.

Social members will enjoy playing tennis, sitting on the veranda enjoying the beautiful views of the 9th and 18th greens, or sunning by the beautiful pool. Social members also have access to any club hosted social events.

(Rates are effective 1/1/2022 and are subject to change quarterly)

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Golf Membership Pricing

Ages 41-64 | $40 per month F&B Minimum. Includes immediate family members under the age of 22.

$200 monthly

Ages 65+ | $40 per month F&B Minimum.

$180 monthly

$40 per month F&B Minimum. For those living outside of Davidson County

$125 monthly

Ages 35-40 | $40 per month F&B Minimum.

$180 monthly

Ages 21-34 | $40 per month F&B Minimum.

$120 monthly

Ages 22 & Under | Must be still attending school

$55 monthly

$40 per month F&B Minimum

$55 monthly

Terms and Conditions

Please note: if a member resigns, there is a 12 month waiting period to re-join. However, you may choose to re-activate your membership prior to the 12 month waiting period by paying all back dues in full.
(Example: if a member resigns in September 31st and wishes to re-join in April 1st, 6 months back dues must be paid in full to make up those months, else they must wait a full 12 months after cancellation date to re-apply.)

Ready to Join?

Click the button to download our member application. There are no initiation fees! Simply fill out the form and mail or drop off your application at our club golf-shop.

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